Not enough time?

I have no time – this statement, which is almost every man leaves his mouth countless times. This is exactly what the reason may be very variable: too much work, time spent on the family, because of the constant accumulation of procrastination-do list, and even the list could go on at length. The fact is that the “no time” and in most cases the problem is remedied by you better manage your time. This is also the secret to overcome the biggest enemy of productivity, which is none other than procrastination. In the long run it is the only way to swiftly carry out the required tasks and unpleasant, and more time for the things that are really important: the family, the favorite könyvünkre, or any other busy pleasant reality. The good news is that this can be carried out at the cost of degrading the performance of the work, or worse results would give the enterprise. Most of the spoil things there that are waiting for the perfect moment, and while they do not come out, it will never come: we need to change this situation, which of course is not at all an easy task, as described below.

Problems in the productivity and procrastination in connection with the simple tips given no more than a short-term solution, not solve the problems in the long run. After a while before we start the same way we pushed the unpleasant tasks, and again to bring up the “no time” problem. The truth is that everyday more systematic changes are needed in different areas of life. Kihozhasd yourself to the limit in the field of productivity and good results in touch, you’ve got to decide what are the things that are given priority. There are things you have to reassemble ahead than others, because if you do everything at once, most likely only slowly or not at all then you need to do to reach the end. If you are able to prioritize and deal with the really useful things instead of procrastination that produce results, so it will no longer have to say “I have no time.”