4 fun ideas for creative Easter Cakes

Easter is coming up fast, and it’s quite easy to let it slip by you, especially when it’s earlier than you’re used to. But while Easter isn’t as big of a deal as other holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving, it is still a family occasion, and one when your guests – particularly the younger ones – are expecting an array of colorful and delectable desserts – and definitely not just store-bought chocolate eggs.

If you’d like to impress all members of your family, both young and older, with Easter cakes that not only taste but also look the part, we’ve selected a few recipes that can give you an idea of what to do or even get your own creative juices flowing, at the very least.

1. Nest cake

The Bird’s Nest, where all the Easter eggs sit, is possibly the most traditional and well-known of all Easter cakes. It is, however, much easier to cook up than it might look. All you need to do is make your favorite kind of chocolate cake – or perhaps another kind, if you prefer – and then ice it with a chocolate ganache or cream and finally use your imagination to create the nest effect using wheat, cereal, chocolate shavings, noodles or even sweet egg noodles. Then, all there is to do is add the chocolate eggs, and you’ll have an instant hit.

Bird's nest easter cake recipe

2. The Egg Cake

Why not take a new approach to the traditional Easter egg by turning it into a full-blown cake? It doesn’t take much science at all, only an egg-shaped cake pan or tin, some pretty food coloring and different candies – although you can even forego the latter and do all the decorating with your icing instead. A chocolate cake with buttermilk frosting is always a treat, but you can opt for a lemon cake for a fresher and more grown up take on the fun design. Once you have your cake cooled and iced with a bright base color, all you need to do is pipe out different colored designs and let it sit to get the “giant egg” effect that everyone is sure to love!

Base Recipe: http://www.best-holidayrecipes.com/2013/12/easter-egg-cake-recipe.html

Giant Egg Easter Cake recipe

3. Easter Bunny

If you think Easter cakes can’t get any cuter than a pastel colored egg, then you should try making an actual Easter bunny. It’s actually not as hard as it seems – in fact; it’s all in the assembling, much like in the previous suggestion. All you need for this is various different sizes of layer cake and some imagination to make the shapes come to life. Alternatively, you can also make a flat cake, cut two circles with different sized cookie cutters and then add marshmallows for ears and candies for the details. And if it all fails, frosting always makes things better.

Source Recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/easter-bunny-cake-recipe.html

Easter Bunny Cake Recipe

Carrot cake

Finally, and since you already have the Bunny, why not give him a carrot cake for company at the table? Carrot cake is quite easy to make, and it’s a little healthier than other desserts, not to mention a classic most people will love. To make it more fun and enticing for children, you can always shape it like a literal carrot using fondant dyed with green and orange food coloring, or even colored icing and candies, which will give it a vibrant, cartoon-like look everyone will love. Assembly is as easy as it can be, but remember to bake your cake in a rectangular tin or tray, otherwise it will be harder to shape.

Idea source and pictures: http://stacysweets.blogspot.pt/2011/03/easter-and-carrot-cake.html

Giant Carrot cake recipe for easter

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